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The Power of Kindness


Take time this month to be kind to yourself and others...

The Power of Kindness - October 2014 Monthly Meditation from Society of the Holy Child Jesus on Vimeo.







October 2014 - Monthly Meditation


September 2014 - Monthly Meditation


"How good to be in the hands of the Divine!"

Reflection Questions:

1. Can I let myself be in God's hands?

2.  What might God want for me?

August 2014 - Monthly Meditation


In Mark's Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples to "cross to the other side."  What does this mean for you?



Text written by Christopher McNabb, graduate of Rosemont School of the Holy Child and 2013 Holy Child Spirit Award Recipient.


SHCJ Summer Meditation


Take time to reflect where and when in your life you have said, "for all that has been, thanks!"

Do you take time to thank God for all that has been?  

Are you able to say "yes" to all that will be?

Monthly Meditation - June 2014


Monthly Meditation - June 2014

Monthly Meditation - May 2014


May Monthly Meditation

Easter Meditation 2014

Easter Meditation

Lenten Meditation


Lenten Meditation (reposted)

Reflection Questions:

1.  What am I being challeged to repent this Lenten Season?

2.  How is God calling me to conversion this Lent Season?

Join us on Easter Sunday!  Our next meditation will be posted then.  







Easter Meditation 2014


Easter Meditation

Monthly Meditation - February 2014


Monthly Meditation - February 2014

Reflection Questions:

1.  In awe, revisit a time of learning to savor the joy, pain and/or triumph. Express gratitude for the lessons this engendered.

2.  See how time has been a partner in your learning to act justly.

3.  Relish emotions you experience as graces of the moment.

4.  Imagine that you are the sole architect of your time: How will you order it? What will change? What will remain the same?


Music used with permission from Anne Marie David

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